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November 2016 update: Property investors looking for brand new, available investment property under NRAS please contact 1300 67 27 28 and go to InvestorGroup...
Many investors believe the NRAS to have terminated. Whilst the initiative is no longer releasing new rounds of investment, there are a small number of brand new properties still in stages of completion and available to purchase - Please contact 1300 67 27 28 and go to InvestorGroup web site where you will find NRAS investment property availability...
NRAS round 4 (National Rental Affordability Scheme), and in some cases the extended terms of completion, provided a method and incentive for Australian investors to still buy new property, build their wealth and tangible assets, while stimulating the economy and building industry nationally whilst significantly improving the rental affordability in high growth areas for middle income Australian families.
Grattan Institute economist Saul Eslake identifies the cause of the challenge for rental affordability by highlighting a staggering "Ninety-two per cent of investors in rental property buy established property, so it does nothing to increase the supply of housing or keep rents down..."
NRAS offers investors a substantial annual tax-free incentive. The NRAS Incentive is a funding stream not available to standard residential property investors. The annual income-tax free incentive is currently $11,048 (2016-17) per dwelling, and is indexed each year to the rental component of the CPI - for a period of ten years.
The NRAS program (National Rental Affordability Scheme) is designed to stimulate the building of rental homes in growth areas to satisfy a high demand for reasonably priced rental property by middle income Australian families.
Residential property is a cornerstone of wealth creation in Australia. The Government has created this substantial annual tax-free opportunity to incentivise the building of new rental properties. Properties with a better return on investment by providing a tax free rebate of $11,048 (2016-17 Indexed by Rental CPI) per annum for a period of ten years. Making this asset class a strong, robust and reliable part of a well structured wealth creation plan.
Why? Well, this is a government intervention policy to increase private investment into the residential property market to curb the increasing pressure on housing affordability and specifically in this case provide key worker tenants such as nurses, teachers, police officers, fire fighters, ambulance operators with a more affordable place to live closer to where they work.
Demand for residential property is high with the National Housing Supply Council's State of Supply Report 2010 estimating a current housing supply deficit of 178,400 homes across Australia.
Partly due to the shortfall in supply, the residential rental market represents a good long-term investment. Independent financial modelling of the NRAS Incentive shows that it can provide market rates of return at levels that are strongly competitive with other asset classes.
Compared with a conventional residential investment property, in certain markets the NRAS Incentive can provide a better cash return to investors than the receipt of full market rent. In addition, investors are able to apply property expenses and non-cash deductions and allowances against a lower assessable rental income, increasing the negative gearing benefit.
NRAS can counterbalance the risk and volatility of equity markets and assist in providing a balanced portfolio.
It offers great flexibility, with investors encouraged to develop portfolios with diverse dwelling types across different locations.
With more than 1.5 million households eligible to rent NRAS properties, the vacancy risk is negligible.
So owning a NRAS property delivered through our group Specialist Investor Group provides excellent advantages versus purchasing the same property next door that does not form part of the scheme including:
  • Returns typically greater than 7% gross rather than normal 5% returns
  • The property is under the scheme of 10 years giving security of income stream
  • Many of the properties generate POSITIVE CASHFLOW, so there is no weekly cost to your pocket
  • All the properties are located in high growth areas, with proximity close to schools transport and services, all the things you want for a great investment property
  • It's easy to find the right property nationwide, through Specialist Investor Group
Need to know more, have a look at the Webinars, where we will explain all you need to know and we can assist you with your particular requirements. We look forward to assisting you accessing this exciting and solid investment opportunity.

Explain NRAS.

NRAS is short for National Rental Affordability Scheme. The NRAS scheme is a Federal and State Government backed incentive scheme creating a new investment asset class designed to:
  • encourage investors to develop additional new houses for the rental market.
  • provide an affordable rent program for average Australian wage earners as individuals, couples and families. It is not social housing.
  • yield higher than usual returns for investors in the residential property market.
  • increase the number of rental dwellings built through the stimulation of demand and investment, while supporting the building industry and related jobs and the Australian economy.
  • The government aims to achieve this by providing a tax incentive for investors in NRAS properties in return for the properties being rented at a discounted rate.
The NRAS scheme is not housing commission or social housing.
NRAS properties are rented to private individuals and families with incomes of up to $109,264 pa. Approximately 1.5 million Australians are eligible to be NRAS tenants.
There are strict guidelines for properties to qualify under the NRAS scheme. NRAS properties must be close to transport, schools, shops etc making NRAS properties desirable for tenants and property investors. There are also specified guidelines for the management of NRAS properties. The manager is responsible for ensuring that tenants meet the income criteria and that they are reviewed against the criteria every two years.
The NRAS scheme is funded for up to 50,000 dwellings but will end for new investments 30 June 2016 although owners of NRAS Properties will continue to get the tax incentives for ten years from acquisition.

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NRAS is a Federal Government initiative creating social impact investment opportunities across a range of national rental affordability scheme certified real estate, running across New South Wales (NSW), Queensland (QLD), Western Australia (WA) and South Australia (SA). Contact us about individual nras development projects such as nras new south wales,nras qld,nras queensland,nras wa,nras western australia,nras sa,nras south australia, or find them within the property listings on NRAS Australia website.