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NRAS Australia National Rental Affordability Scheme nursing, fire-fighters, teachers, police Affordable rent, Quality Property
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nras australia - testimonials and customer experiences
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NRAS Investors

Investor Testimonials
"Christine, Thank you. If service is indicative of the company values, then you are at the top of the pile. I will reconsider what you are offering after I read the eBook"
C Millar
"...It's not the position you are standing but the direction in which you look. I am happy to say that the several conversations I have had with you clarified many significant issues and highlighted a clear path to achieve what I want and need."
Steven A. (Wollongong)
"My experience working with your team was fantastic. Your process and attention to detail was very reassuring. If it's anything like the last, I'm looking forward to the next purchase. Thank you."
Helen and Neil B. (Melbourne)
"...You guys seem to really know your stuff. A big thank you. We feel far more confident in our super fund delivering for us now."
J & C Forrest. (NSW)
"Thank you Laura. Chelsee and I are very impressed with you and appreciate you're help. We will be dealing with you again in the future."
Regards, N. Watson
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NRAS Finance.

"Professional, Efficient and clearly know your way through the finance process. A very smooth transaction after I was probably a little cynical."
Alfred B.
"Systemically, you have created a very smooth workflow. The feedback from within our team has been 100% positive. We look forward to being of continued service to your group."
Craig B.
"Our SMSF product suits NRAS so well. You clearly understand it and are able to communicate that well to your customers. Your referral process has made our initial contact considerably easier."
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NRAS Developer

Developer Testimonials
"Your communication and professional integrity is highly valued in what is sometimes a very challenging market place."
Duncan M
"Thank you for your support. We understand that sometimes our communication could be better. Your team seem to deliver on all fronts. We look forward to a bright future working with your group. Cheers,"
Steve B.
...All your efforts are appreciated and I don't say this frequently or lightly, "Collectively very polished. A real pleasure to work with - Thanks".
Dan R.
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NRAS Australia is proud to share its customer experiences, sharing the positive experiences of investing with us in the national rental affordability scheme. NRAS is a social impact investment opportunity initiated by the Federal Government to satisfy the shortage in affordable rental real estate in New South Wales (NSW), Queensland (QLD), Western Australia (WA) and South Australia (SA). You can find specifics about individual nras development projects such as nras new south wales,nras qld,nras queensland,nras wa,nras western australia,nras sa,nras south australia, within the NRAS Australia site.