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NRAS Finance

Our panel of external finance brokers partnerships, can very confidently assist you in securing the finance you need. You see we only work with highly exerienced finance brokers.
We recommend them solely because our many clients repeatedly recommend them. In plenty of cases, they have been helping investors secure cash-flow positive NRAS properties, that the investors previously thought might not be achievable.

Better for you, than you approaching your own bank.

Why? Simply they are more successful where you may not be, because they understand and speak the correct 'finance' language with the lenders.
The other difference between you going to a bank yourself, even if you believe you have a good current relationship... is the brokers only have YOUR interests and objectives in mind, not the banks.
They quickly and effectively deliver you maximum flexibility and returns based on the best possible loans available in the market, rather than "tie you up" to a single bank!
Amongst the panel of finance broker partnerships, some have had as many as 19 years working for the mainstream (big four) banks, with bank experience heading up commercial, agricultural and residential loans before over 10 years as an independent specialist investment property broker.
Does your bank contact have 29+ years in investment property loan writing?... Unlikely. Leverage real experience - call 1300 67 27 28 (or register in the box to the right ) and we'll put you in touch with some one who will help.

The independent finance brokers we choose to work with, do not charge you for their time - They get paid a simple fee ONLY upon successfully securing you the loan you need, by the lending institution. No different to any others that organise mortgages.
The Commonwealth and State Governments are giving over $120,000+ in TAX FREE contributions per property, to every investor in NRAS property over ten years from purchase. NRAS Finance is available for investors in the National Rental Affordability Scheme.
Unlike many other organisations providing investment property, we do not take or make any referral or any other fees if you choose to use any of our recommended brokers. Our finance broker partnerships are simply a variety of expert mortgage brokers who have a detailed knowledge of NRAS finance. They can advise on the best structuring and financing of National Rental Affordability Scheme property (NRAS property), and the unique State and Federal Government cash and rebates available for purchasers, as well as the depreciation factors that can be applied to NRAS properties.
NRAS property investment is financed by most of the major banks.
Prospective investors and / or self managed superannuation fund owners / trustees can use the independent financial service partnerships of Access Commercial Transactions, to assist in preparation and obtaining finance of NRAS properties.
Register to watch the NRAS Information Webinar either immediately or at your leisure when it suits.

SMSF Finance can be obtained to secure NRAS property .

Customers with SMSF Self Managed Superannuation funds, looking at single or multiple NRAS properties can now access loans that enable them to leverage funds / mortgage loans for purchases of NRAS properties.
IMPORTANTLY - SMSF Self Managed Superannuation Funds are also paid the State and Federal Government indexed tax exempt rebate in 2016-2017 of $11,048 per year and the NRAS program provides a stable rental income and rebate income for ten years.
Email us here if you would like to know more about investment property in an SMSF.
The State and Federal Government rebates are given for each NRAS property regardless of the number owned by an investor. This means that with NRAS finance the current combined tax exempt rebate of $11,048 per year ($110,480 minimum over ten years) increases to $22,096 per year for two NRAS properties, $33,144 per year for three NRAS properties, $55,240 per year for five NRAS properties ad infinitum.
There is no limit to the number of NRAS properties that can be held by an investor.

Positive Cash-Flow, Negative Gearing

One of the great advantages of a NRAS property is that typically they are cash flow positive, that means the property is making you money from the first year.
For many investors particularly those on high incomes investment in one, two or more NRAS properties financed correctly is income positive and highly tax advantaged. The tax credits and allowing for property depreciation, plus the rental income earned means the investment actually returns additional net cash flow over mortgage repayments and other related costs of owning a property.
The investor is in effect buying the property at little or no cash flow cost to themselves with the costs covered by the NRAS incentive , tenant rental income, plus the taxman....
Whilst making capital gains as values increase over the 10 years. You can now simply take a long term view with it impacting on your daily cash flow.

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Finance for the national rental affordability scheme is available for 'social impact investing' across a broad spectrum of nras real estate, running across New South Wales (NSW), Queensland (QLD), Western Australia (WA) and South Australia (SA). You can find specifics about individual nras development projects such as nras new south wales,nras qld,nras queensland,nras wa,nras western australia,nras sa,nras south australia, within the NRAS Australia site.