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NRAS Australia National Rental Affordability Scheme nursing, fire-fighters, teachers, police Affordable rent, Quality Property
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'NRAS - Improving delivery of reliable returns on your property investment'

Thanks for taking a few minutes to find out a little more about NRAS, and how the Government is helping you in your investment strategies.
Here's a quick soundbite about NRAS investment. Detailed insight to NRAS and how it can work for you personally is just seconds away, once you have registered your interest.

The Pro's of NRAS:-

~ Positive Cashflow due to NRAS grant. When grant ends after 10 years, the property will be +CF, and on its own feet anyway
~ Discounted rent to tenant gives you literally "Unfair advantage over other properties"
~ Very quick to rent
~ Tenants try hard to keep their tenancy with automatic rent increases
~ New properties: almost nil maintenance, large depreciation

The proposed Con's of NRAS:-

~ Media sources mislead the public and construe the facts, suggesting NRAS is 'sometimes overpriced at a premium'
~ How can NRAS be at a premium? NRAS represents less than 30% of a development.
~ NRAS has higher management fees. So What? - The Government is MORE THAN paying the extra few dollars in fees a month, by giving you $10,917 TAX FREE.(2015-16) And net of all costs they are cash-flow positive.

The similarities of NRAS versus non NRAS:-

~ Same price as other properties in the same development
~ Same Capital Gain potential as any other local property
~ Own choice of tenants
~ Not social housing (Tenants are middle class)
~ Able to sell at any time, incuding to non-investors

Once you've registered, what you will hear in our detailed NRAS video is:-

- A brief explanation about our group activity.
- How we have been involved in NRAS from its earliest Government inception.
- Why NRAS was introduced in the first place.
- What NRAS is and Why NRAS properties produce such strong returns.
- Why NRAS is proving such an attractive investment to smart investors.
- How NRAS dramatically enhances your tax negative gearing strategy.
- Why NRAS is so attractive to tenants & what that means to investors
- Why NRAS is such an easy pain-free investment for investors
- What are the stepping stones to securing NRAS investment property?
We look forward to helping you find out more about NRAS, NRAS property and the taking full advantage of the NRAS incentives,

NRAS Video

The NRAS video is designed to provide you comprehensive understanding of the Government initiative.
Once you have watched it contact us to see how else we may be of help with any questions and/or with some specific NRAS property opportunities.
Alternatively if you are on Twitter, simply click the Twitter link below and send us any NRAS questions you may have and we will answer you directly.

'Brisbane #1 Fastest Growth'

Brisbane topped the recent global Jones Lang LaSalle's (JLL) fastest growth list - Register below to Get the full Global report.
It is predicted that Brisbane will record annual GDP growth of almost 5 % over the next eight years, more than Singapore, Austin and Hong Kong which rounded out the top four.

More NRAS Facts and Figures
More information explaining NRAS
Find out more about NRAS compared with DHA (Defense Housing Australia)
Compare NRAS with Non NRAS property returns
Find out more about the NRAS Australia iPhone App
See NRAS FAQ for more - Frequently asked Questions

Register below to get the full JLL Global report.

Negative Geared, Positive Cashflow. These forms of opportunities come around rarely.
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NRAS Australia's information webinar, quickly explains the national rental affordability scheme and its role as a social impact investment opportunity. NRAS real estate is available in New South Wales (NSW), Queensland (QLD), Western Australia (WA) and South Australia (SA). The property listings will help you find specifics about individual nras development projects such as nras new south wales,nras qld,nras queensland,nras wa,nras western australia,nras sa,nras south australia, within the NRAS Australia site.